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Our customers are fantastic at getting the word out about us. They’re always talking about our great customer service and hometown experience. See for yourself how some of them feel about factory trained team members and locally owned atmosphere. Stop by the store today to experience The Dependability People.

My experience with this company was very exceptional, the technician was very informative he made sure that I knew how to take care of my refrigerator and what I could do to continue the care of my appliances. The technician also remembered when he was here the first time that my husband was ill and he ask about how he was doing, when he was informed that my husband had passed away he was very sympathetic and he was very caring. I have no problem recommending this company to any of my friends or family members.

Sandra W.

Today David came out to look at my washer I was having a spin out problem. He was so professional and so very nice and explained what the problem was fixed it in no time and we were thankful for his help. Hoping this takes care of it forever but if not I will not hesitate to call Herb Snow appliance again thank you. Please help me put this comment on your comment page to let others know how pleased we were.

Jeannie V.

We are very satisfied with the refrigerator you recommended and negotiated with us via phone and internet. We were also very satisfied with the two young men who installed the new unit and removed the former unit. These fellows were very professional and courteous. Mrs. Nichols and I were very pleased with all aspects of the transaction. There are many repair shops in the phone book. When we realized we needed to replace our refrigerator, you folks was our first and only call. We have had dealings with you for many years and have always been satisfied. Please insure that the proper managers at Herb Snow and Son are given a copy of this email. Keep up the good work.

Larry N.

Just want to thank Shawn for doing such a good job fixing our Samsung curved 55" TV. He is extremely knowledgeable and efficient and a very personable person to have in your home. Very good job Shawn!

Brenda and Jim W.

My recent experience with Herb Snow was most remarkable, especially in this day and age. Everything from the quick response and dispatch to final repair was excellent! The service technician named Derek was on time and diagnosed the issue quickly and professionally. Derek was in and out, having completed his job that exceeded my expectations. I will use Herb Snow again, and Derek may be requested. He represents his profession well.

Jack R.

Just want to tell you that you have a great employee in Mr. Derek Miller! For customer service – he is personable, does his job in an expedient and neat manner – all that one could ask for in a service technician. He answered all of my questions without appearing to be inconvenienced by them. Good job and Thank you so much!


First of all, I was very impressed with Seth when I went to your store on N. Rock Rd. on Sept. 10, with a question about my 18 year old Maytag washing machine. He was helping an older couple and I observed how patient and caring he was with them. When it was my turn, he was very helpful in assuring me that my washer could be fixed and it was probably a timer problem. We set an appointment when it was convenient for me yesterday with David. I appreciated the confirmation call the day before and also the morning of the appointment to let me know he would be here at a certain time. David was very nice, fast and knowledgeable. He checked out the problem, went to pick up a timer and had my machine fixed in about an hour. What a relief to have my great machine working and not have to buy a new one. Thanks so much! I recommend this business highly!!


I stopped by your store last week, to ask one of those 'I feel dumb having to ask this' questions…Mel Davis did not laugh at me… very patiently explained why it would not be a good idea for me to take my oven door off…and told me I could go to the net to obtain a 50% 0ff on the trip charge to have a professional do the job. So few retailers have Mel's patience (and knowledge of his products). He makes doing business with Herb Snow & Son a pleasure.


David Whalen has serviced our Maytag washer and is an excellent technician. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. The pump on my washer had to be replaced and a new one had to be ordered. Instead of leaving me without a washer, he temporarily installed a used pump until the new one would be delivered. David is a professional who really enjoys his work. He arrives on time, with a smile, and does not mind answering questions.


I had a problem with my 15 year old Maytag washer a couple years ago and they sent David out. Was so impressed with him at that time that when I had another problem with the washer recently, asked for him. He is such a polite friendly young man. He knows buisness and works very fast. You are lucky to have him working for you and for me and I like my old Maytag washer.


Just wanted to comment on what a great job David Whalen does! He was here this week to fix our Bosch dishwasher. He always calls, is on time, very cordial and friendly, and very efficient! I always appreciate when he is the technician sent to our home!


Just a message to THANK YOU for the quick repair of our ice maker on our Amana Refrigerator. Your service helpers are just fabulous. The girl at the office that helped us went out of her way to find out everything we needed to get us going on it, and David came out 3 times, to get everything fixed, and was very friendly and knew what he was doing. He is a very good employee. His helper this AM was very nice also. Thank you for your help, and wonderful service. We are very happy with you all.

Lois and Eddie

David didn't keep us waiting. As he diagnosed the problem I had with the washing machine, he explained what he was doing, along with giving ideas how to care for the machine to make it last longer. David gets an A on his report card from us. We have all Maytag products and will call for help from you again.


David Whelan is an excellent service person for Maytag. He works rapidly to diagnose and fix the problem explaining and showing the customer as he works. His abilities and knowledge for the job are very apparent. I believe David represents the sort of person we all hope to get when we call a repairman to our home.


I highly recommend this company. I had a wall oven install and had some conflicts with the installation. The manager came out, fixed every problem and concerns with the installation. The manager didn't leave until I was completely satisfied. The price met my expectation and the service was above quality.


Just had a new microwave installed. The 'wavetable' feature is absolutely fantastic. Along with all the other Maytage products we have purchased, the sale & installation were flawless. Thanks again to the installers for a professional job.


Just wanted to say thank you for the quality workmanship David Whalen performed repairing our Samsung dryer. He diagnosed the and resolved the problem, replacing a failing part in less than 20 minutes.

Jeff M.

I want to thank all of you for your very kind and honest help. Our washing machine went out and we bought a refurbished washer. Kevin and the guys that helped him were fantastic!! Kevin was very forthright about the pros and cons of each machine we considered and the service was very fast and very efficient. Kevin tried to repair our original washer but unfortunately it didn't work out, he showed me the problem and explained our options very clearly! So I appreciate all of you, Kevin, Mel and the all the rest of you who are involved. I will highly recommend you and will come to you again with any other issues, but hopefully not too soon 😀!

Teri M.

Chance came out to repair our Samsung dryer we've had for just shy of 3 years. He called to let me know when he was on his way. Once at my house he was very prompt at removing the shell and drum of my dryer. It took my wife and I the better part of an hour to meticulously find and remove all the screws when we originally tried to diagnose the problem. Chance whipped through it in about 5 minutes, had the drunk out and knew exactly what the problem was. He had the parts needed to repair my machine. He checked the rest of the machine just in case anything else needed replaced. He quickly put it all back together and tested her out. I was thrilled that the machine was quiet again and running performance. My wife is on cloud 9 as she's missed having the convenience of a dryer the past few weeks. We will be using Herb Snow & Son for all of our repairs/purchases in the future. Thank you for a job well done!

Derek W.

I came in to get belt for a washer that didn't agitate. The guys looked up my model, and were like, nope that's a direct drive. You need a lid switch. I bought the switch, went home and replaced old with new. Washer running like a champ. Thanks guys for taking the time to make sure I had the right part I needed. I'm glad I stopped here first.

Chad McG.

Shawn, thank you very much for your help on the washer diagnosis and w/d purchase. Your delivery men did a great job setting up the units. Especially lifting the old washer/dryer up and over the sink and bringing in the new ones. Thanks again.

Linda P.

We have a 6-year old Samsung refrigerator which I really like. The ice maker stopped working about 8 months ago, and we had been schlepping ice trays up from the freezer in the basement to the kitchen. Last September I had a repair person out to look at it, not realizing that most techs do not service (or prefer not to) Samsung appliances as they are apparently harder to work on. So we continued carrying the trays. I finally checked for a Samsung authorized repair service and found Herb Snow. Oh, my gosh! While I had to wait a few days for an appointment, when my tech arrived he quickly diagnosed the problem, had a new ice maker in his truck and installed easy-peasy. I can’t say enough for how nice he was, how fast he worked, and how much I enjoy now having ice in the freezer again without having to empty those darned trays.

Jo B.

John was our service technician. He arrived as scheduled, checked the range and promptly pinpointed the problem He made certain to document the issue with Samsung and Lowes insuring that we received a new electric range at no cost to us since the problem was due to improper installation by the store. Highly recommend Herb Snow and Son. 5 star is the highest rating but if I could, I would rate them above 10!

Leslye M S.

Glenn installed my Whirlpool washer,he was fast and friendly. THANK YOU!

Betty A.

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